Beginners Guide to Buying Perfume Online

Beginners Guide to Buying Perfume Online

How to Tell If a Perfume Is Fake

When shopping online it is almost impossible to tell if the perfumes you are buying are fake or genuine before they are delivered. There is nothing more crushing than spending your hard-earned cash to buy perfumes online only to find out that they are fake when arrive. The main problem with fake perfumes is that they can be harmful to your health.
Anielas have come up with a guide that will help you to spot if a perfume is fake.

Our first part of this guide will give you the basic tips to spot a fake perfume seller before purchasing from them:

Spotting a Fake Perfume Seller

One of the main ways you can see if a perfume seller is selling fake perfumes before purchasing from them is by looking at the reviews of their store. Sellers with bad customer reviews stating the perfumes smell different etc. and a low rating should be avoided at all costs.

Buying from Ebay

If you are buying from eBay the simplest way to check if a seller is selling reputable perfumes is to check their feedback score.

trustworthy ebay perfume sellers
Using the above as an example of a good seller, this store has 1845 reviews and out of those reviews 99.9% of them are positive.

Buying from Amazon

like eBay when buying from Amazon you can check a sellers rating to see if they are a reputable perfume seller.

trustworthy amazon perfume sellers
This seller has 99% positive reviews over the last 12 months

Buying From Sellers Website

When buying directly from online perfume sellers websites it is important that you look for reviews about the company/website to make sure that the perfumes you are going to be ordering are genuine.
Some of the common ways of searching for reviews for a website are trustpilot, feefo & the companies own facebook page reviews. By looking at 1 of the 3 things you will be able to tell if a company is selling genuine stock.

Spotting a Fake Perfume

This next part of our guide assumes you have purchased your perfume and are having doubts about whether the item in question is genuine.

Here are a few ways in which you tell if a perfume is fake:

Cellophane Wrapping

real and fake perfume cellophane wrapping

Authentic perfume come in tight almost vacuum sealed wrapping whilst fake perfumes will come in poorly wrapped cellophane that will most likely be full of creases.

This Guide will be continued in a later update coming soon...

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