Male Grooming - It's not just for Hipsters!

Male Grooming

Shaving is an everyday ritual for most men, and some experience that this can actually be a source of stress. Many men have a highly sensitive skin and regular shaving causes bumps, burns redness and dryness. Men just need to learn the right products and some tips on how skin irritations and discomforts can be significantly decreased by choosing the right shaving cream.

For a perfectly smooth shave, you must be able to choose the right shaving cream. Shaving creams acts like a lubricant as it nourishes the skin and the hair making them soft. This will allow the razor to run and smoothly cut the hair without any burns or bumps. Good shaving cream will make the skin properly hydrated even after shave keeping it well-nourished and healthy. In choosing the right shaving cream, you must be able to identify you own skin type.

If you have a sensitive skin, there is a need to be extra careful when choosing a shaving cream as some may have content that cause irritation. Some men would think that sensitive and dry skin are just the same and they can use cream formulated for either, and this is a huge misconception. For sensitive skin, choose a cream that has some additives which help to protect skin against any irritation. Go for one that has allergen content and contain little or at most no fragrance.

Those men who have dry skin must choose a shaving cream that has glycerine base. This is because the glycerine is the content which help razor to have a smoother glide to avoid nicks or cuts. Because of the sensitivity of this kind of skin, the cream of your choice must also contain a formulation that soothes the skin like Vitamin E, coconut or aloe.

For men who have oily skin, shaving cream that contains very mild astringent is what work best. Normally when a man shaves, the razor has the tendency to clog, thus, it requires repeated rinsing. When you have oily skin, it will make the clogging even worse with the oil as the major contributor. Mild astringent on shaving cream reduce the oil in the skin without leaving it dry. By significant reduction in oil, shaving will be easier and you will definitely experience smoother shave.

Another important consideration to avoid stressful shaving is the kind of razor to use. Primarily, skin type is again the top consideration when choosing a razor and you need to be knowledgeable of the different type of razor available in the market. Safety razor is single bladed and is less irritating make it ideal for any skin type as there is less skin contact. Cartridge razor comes in single blade and can be used up to five blades ideal for the areas that can hardly be reached. Electric razor are the most convenient to use and ideal for those who are prone to razor nicks and bumps. Anielas offer wide variety of high quality choices of grooming products.


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