Afternoon Tea Gift Set - 4 Unique Tea Blends
Ideal as a gift for a friend or family member, this afternoon tea hamper features 4 unique tea blends The set consists of: Earl Grey Tea Blend (Light and fragrant) English Breakfast Tea Blend (Rich & bright) Peppermint Tea Blend (Natural &...
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Afternoon Tea Hamper
Anielas special blend afternoon tea 50g/20 teabags Cottage delight clotted cream 85g Mrs Bridges Scottish raspberry preserve, orange marmalade, Scottish strawberry preserve, lemon curd and Scottish Blackcurrant preserve (42g each) Best before: 01.12.2020 Ideal as a gift for a friend or...
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Yorkshire Tea 1040 Tea Bags
Yorkshire Tea 1040 Tea BagsBringing you a proper brewWe go to great lengths to make tea properly - from tasting 1000s of teas a day to find the best for our blend, to thinking about the water you'll brew it...
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Tetley One Cup Tea Bags Catering Pack (Pack of 1100)
For the taste of freshly brewed tea without the bother of a teapot, use Tetley One Cup Tea Bags. Specially designed for all round flavour, these bags limit waste and guarantee taste. With a unique blend of Assam, African and...
£29.99 £23.09
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Typhoo Tea Bags Vacuum-packed - 1100 Bags
Typhoo one cup tea bags brew to a nice strong cuppa and holds milk and sugar well which is just the way the British love to take their tea.
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