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Blossom Hill Spritz Raspberry & Blackcurrant 5.5% 750ml x 6 Bottles

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  • Wine of Italy
  • Aromatized wine-product cocktail

Spritz raspberry & blackcurrant
Fresh and lush aromas of summer berries lead to a refreshing tasting palate, with raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry hints. Light tasting and bubbly, created for your enjoyment

Spanish Tempranillo base, with a very rich taste of summer berries, full bodied with a hint of raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant. Lightly bubbly, giving a refreshing taste

Blossom Hill was created 30 years ago, and has become the darling of the wine drinking public, with its distinctive floral label, and easy-drinking, fruity styles. Full of big, fruity flavours. When it comes to our wines, we think about their taste first and foremost - sumptuous, mouth-watering and delicious. From juicy red berries to zesty citrus and wonderful watermelons there's a whole world of taste. So that's all we talk about when we talk about our wines

Our place in California is tucked away in the rolling hills country side, not far from San José. All around are the straight rows of lush green vines under a big Californian sky. Blossom Hill wines are made with the minimum of intervention, trying to bring as much of the natural fruit flavours from vineyard to your glass.


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Blossom Hill Spritz Raspberry & Blackcurrant 5.5% 750ml x 6 Bottles
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