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Clearance Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Detangling Hairbrush - Princess Pink

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Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Detangling Hairbrush - Popping Purple or Princess Pink

As any mum knows, trying to brush out tangles can cause tears and tantrums, making the school run and bedtime baths a nightmare. But not anymore. Tangle Teezer’s Magic Flowerpot uses the same technology of Tangle Teezer Original to end years of tears caused by hair that readily ties itself up into knots.

No tears. No tantrums. No tangles. The secret to sleek hair heaven lies in using the same hair technology as Tangle Teezer Original. The innovative spaced teeth flex just the right amount to de-stress, detangle and smooth the hair’s cuticle. Magic Flowerpot is the first breakthrough detangling brush for children. It shows any type of hair plenty of love by quickly and painlessly working through the hair, magically easing out tangles and knots without the fear of tears.

With an easy-to-grip flower brush, it inspires girls to brush hair themselves and the pretty fluted pot makes for the perfect tidy away for all her hair baubles. Note: Hair accessories not included.


Don’t be tentative! Fantastic, painless and easy detangling is achieved by using a firmer pressure; Unlike conventional brushes the Magic Flowerpot can be used from roots to ends and mid-length to ends; Detangle hair by using brush strokes from the underneath of the hair with the teeth pointing upwards. Alternatively, brush from the top of the hair pointing the teeth downwards; Not recommended for use with heated appliances; Rinse Magic Flowerpot with warm water after using any kind of product; Dry at room temperature. Do not dry teeth on a radiator or with your hairdryer; Clean teeth using a toothbrush. Lightly brush through the teeth with soapy water once a week. Rinse thoroughly

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