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Eye & Nose Range - 7th Heaven

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Eye & Nose Range - 7th Heaven

When it comes to those naughty problem areas (under eye or nose) , our herbalists have come out trumps with this true super hero range.
Nose Pore Strips

Nose Pore Strips enriched with natural hardwood charcoal, that provide excellent qualities to absorb excess sebum and blackheads for cleaner, less visible pores around the nose, whilst volcanic ash helps to clear dead cells.

Charcoal & Lavendar


Eye Patches Anti Shadow

These anti shadow eye patches are formulated to reduce dark shadows below the eyes, and help eliminate under eye discoloration, while restoring hydration and suppleness. Infused with Liquorice to combat dark pigmentation and Plant Collagen to improve skin elasticity, making the under eye area appear lighter and feel firmer and tighter.

Lemon, Purified Water & Liquorice


Eye Patches Anti Wrinkle

These anti wrinkle eye patches are formulated to reduce the visible signs of ageing around the eyes, and help to reduce fine lines, sagging skin and crow’s feet. A unique blend of Plant Collagen and Walnut Seed extract provide intensive hydration and support to help skin retain elasticity, leaving the under eye area appear tighter, firmer and younger.

Walnut Seed, Purified Water & Plant Collagen