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Orchard Toys Scaredy Cat!

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Orchard Toys
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Orchard Toys Scaredy Cat!

An Orchard Toys classic, where players collect and count bird cards before the scaredy cat appears!

  • An exciting counting game
  • Simple and fun gameplay
  • Suitable for ages 4-10
This fun counting game is a race against time! Try and be the first to collect the most bird cards before the scarecrow picture is complete. However, watch out for the scaredy cat, who can catch your birds and take away all your cards in one go! At the end of the game, use your maths skills to count up the birds on your cards...the player with the most birds wins.

Each of the bird cards has a brightly coloured background which can be used to teach younger children to recognise different colours. For older children, Scaredy Cat helps teach them about competetiveness, winning and losing, as it can sometimes be sour grapes and tantrums when they have all their cards taken away!


41 bird cards
6 scarecrow picture cards
3 cat cards
1 instruction leaflet
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Orchard Toys Scaredy Cat!
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