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Veg Patch Match

Children will learn about fruits and vegetables and where they come from in this fun matching game.

  • Learn about different fruits and vegetables
  • Includes a free fun booklet
  • Suitable for ages 5 to adult

Take turns swapping your small veg patch cards to match the central veg patch board - be the first to do so and shout "Veg Patch Match!” But watch out for Mr Sprout...when another player uses this card, they can change the veg patch that everyone is matching to...turning potential winners into potential losers!

Veg Patch Match can be used to teach children about healthy eating and where fruits and vegetables come from, with fun educational facts on the back of the cards! The game includes a learning booklet, which children can use to learn the names of fruits and vegetables and where they grow e.g. above the ground or below the ground.


8 large veg patch cards (4 fruits, 4 vegetables)
40 small veg patch cards (5 of each fruit or vegetable)
4 Mr Sprout cards
1 veg patch leaflet
1 instruction leaflet