Snaffling Pig Crackling Gift Set and 275g Pork Crackling Jar with a Flavour of Choice

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Snaffling Pig
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  • Gift set includes three 90g jars and one 275g jar
  • Flavoured pork crackling
  • Available flavours: black pepper, hot to trot habanero, marvellous maple, low & slow BBq, perfectly salted, mighty Colman’s mustard, salt’n’vinegar, pigs in blankets, low & pig of doom
  • Best before: June 2022

Black Pepper

  • Chunky, crispy, bite-sized
  • Contains cereals containing gluten

Hot to Trot Habanero

  • More than a little tickle of the taste buds in there
  • Chilli taste

Marvellous Maple

  • Sweeter variety
  • Sweet/salty balance

Low & Slow BBQ

  • Smokey taste of BBQ

Perfectly Salted

  • Crispy and salty

Mighty Colman’s Mustard

  • Quite subtle at first behind some meaty tones
  • Allergens: mustard flavour

Pigs in Blankets

  • Limited variety
  • Adding the essence of bacon-wrapped pork to a porky snack

Low & Pig of Doom

  • Super hot
  • Heat comes from Bhut Jolokia chilli (aka ‘Ghost Chilli’), which is one of the hottest chillies in the world

Salt ‘N’ ‘Vinegar

  • Chunky, crispy, bite-sized
  • Bold flavour
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