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Tangle Teezer
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Tangle Teezer Compact 

Boasting the tangle solving technology and shine enhancing qualities of Tangle Teezer Original, this compact styler is a handbag-sized brush that detangles, smoothes and gives you beautiful hair on the go.

You know how it goes--you’ve spent ages styling your hair and every strand is in place, but the minute you step out the door a gust of wind undoes your best styling efforts, leaving your hair looking messy and dishevelled. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler solves the problem of keeping your hair looking polished all day long. It can be slipped into your bag and called upon as your on-the-run express hair styler, to create smooth, healthy and fabulous hair on the go.

Compact Styler works in exactly the same way as Tangle Teezer, a superior hair tool that has the unrivalled ability to ease out tangles. The secret lies in the innovative spaced teeth that flex just the right amount when making contact with tangles. Knots are dealt with and brushed off easily while the all important cuticle is smoothed for high shine gloss. Use Compact Styler to style your hair from office desk to lunch dates, through to early evening cocktails and late night dating.

Whatever kind of hair or style you have, Compact Styler will leave it detangled and smooth with plenty of shine and just like Tangle Teezer Original, Compact Styler will also expertly brush through weaves and extensions. It will glide over bonds without pulling and snagging giving the scalp a much needed massage. Real and even troublesome synthetic hair surrenders to the power of the Teezer.


Don’t be tentative--fantastic, painless and easy detangling is achieved by using a firmer pressure. Unlike conventional brushes, the Compact Styler can be used from roots to ends and mid-length to ends. Detangle hair by using brush strokes from the underneath of the hair with the teeth pointing upwards. Alternatively, brush from the top of the hair pointing the teeth downwards. Not recommended for use with heated appliances. Replace the teeth guard when not using to protect the teeth. Rinse your Compact Styler with warm water after using any kind of product. Dry at room temperature. Do not dry teeth on a radiator or with your hairdryer. Clean teeth using a toothbrush. Lightly brush through the teeth with soapy water once a week and rinse thoroughly.

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